2019 Goals and Resolutions!

IT’S HERE! 2019!!

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Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to start my new year by sharing my goals and resolutions for the year! I’m going to jump right in!

1. Start blogging more

Ok, I’ll admit. I’m not the best about posting regularly. I’m actually really bad at it. This year I want to really work on my blog. I want to post on a schedule. I made this blog to inspire, help, and share with people and the only way to do that through my posts, is to post! I’m aiming for new posts every Tuesday and Thursday!

2. Eat better, excercise, & lose weight

I know… everyone usually puts something like this for their goals/resolutions. I’m guilty. I have had this written down for so many years and here I am going through the drive thru instead of cooking, or being “too tired” for the gym. This year it’s time to throw the excuses away and GET HEALTHY! I want to do this for not only my health, but to set a good example for my children and encourage them to be healthy as well.

3. Drink more water

This somewhat goes along with the above goal of getting healthy, but drinking water does SO much for you. Drinking water is so important, so this year I want to really work on getting my water intake in and also encourage my daughter (eventually my son also, but he’s on formula right now) to drink water.

4. Up my hair care & skin care routine

I know I’m not the only one who has fallen asleep with their makeup on to wake up in the morning with raccoon eyes. I fall asleep with my makeup on more than I’d like to admit. This year I want to take the time for me and the good of my skin to actually take my makeup off, do a face mask sometimes, just take care of my skin. This goes for my hair as well. I use heat, I’ll admit it. I have gone 3 years before without cutting my hair and it was fried and dead. This year I want to make it a priority to get trims, do hair masks, and get my hair healthy!

5. Stop procrastinating!!!

I’m so bad at this. I’m talking the kind of procrastinating that gets me running around finding outfits for the kids, getting them ready and packing the diaper bag 20 minutes before leaving. If you have kids, you know this usually is never enough time, especially with a two year old. This year I want to pack my bags before bed, pick out outfits the night before, do the dishes before bed, do the work when it’s assigned instead of when it’s due. Not only will it make the days easier, but not procrastinating will take away SO much stress!

6. Make time for myself

I am really bad at this as well. I’m always doing stuff with my husband or the kids or running around, cleaning, school, work, etc. I want to start making time for me. Even just a bath with a bath bomb and some wine, watching an episode of my show under a fuzzy blanket, even just listening to a podcasts while I’m shopping. Just something for myself.

7. Declutter it all

Jacob would label me as a hoarder and sometimes I can’t argue. I keep so much stuff we don’t even use. I like to say I’ll use it eventually or it has meaning, but honestly we both know I’ll never use some of this stuff. One of my goals this year is to really declutter. Get rid of the old toys, the clothes that don’t fit, the things we aren’t using anymore. I just want to really declutter, organize and keep clean!

8. Read more

I have always loved reading. I used to have kicks where I would hide out in my room and read all the time and then I wouldn’t open a book for months. Reading is definitely something I want to get back into this year. Another way for me to make time for myself! Feel free to comment book suggestions!!

9. Try new things, meet new people

I get so anxious when it comes to trying new things and meeting new people. I become so awkward and quiet. This year I know it’s time to break out of my comfort zone and do things I wouldn’t usually do. Like take the kids on play dates, meet other moms. (They go on play dates now, but with people I already know.) Join some kind of club or something. Just something to help break out of my comfort zone!

10. Make more time for family

I am guilty of letting the kids play solo sometimes while I scroll through Facebook or checking my phone while I’m at dinner with my husband. Sometimes my full attention is not where it should be and I’ll be the first to admit that. This year I want to really work on putting the phone to the side and spending more time with my family.

I am extremely determined this year. I have my goals listed and I have started plans on how I’m going to achieve them. I am so excited to see what all this year brings for myself, my family, my friends, and you guys!

Also.. I would love to hear everyone’s goals and resolutions for this year, so feel free to comment them. I’m also accepting tips and encouragement on reaching my goals. Lastly, don’t forget to comment book suggestions!

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