My Favorite Christmas Movies!

I feel like overnight we jumped into December. I was just talking about my fall must haves and here we are, Christmas just around the corner! I thought it would be really fun to share some of my favorite Christmas movies today!

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


I love this movie so much! It’s such a well put together movie and the story is heartwarming. It’s a good movie for any age in my opinion and really teaches the meaning of Christmas in a fun way.

2. Elf


This movie is pretty much tied for first place. This is a must watch for me around Christmas time. Elf is a feel good movie with so many laughs. Im constantly smiling and laughing during the whole movie.

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 


This movie is hilarious! Just such a fun movie to watch around the holidays. There is humor for everyone. I just love sharing the laughs with family. This year I even bought themed wrapping paper from this movie!

4. The Polar Express


This is such an amazing movie all around. I love the story to pieces! The animation is AMAZING. This is one of my favorite movies to watch especially on Christmas Eve!

5. A Christmas Carol


Another movie that teaches something great! I have always loved this movie. Even as a kid I was always so interested in this movie and it has always been a favorite of mine.

6. Christmas Under Wraps


At one point I told myself this was my favorite Christmas movie and that was because after watching it I was full of holiday cheer. This is such a cute, warming movie. I’m not sure if it’s a popular movie or not, but to me it makes the favorite’s list! Definitely a great watch!

7. A Christmas Story


I couldn’t forget this movie! Such a classic movie to watch around Christmas. The movie that brought us the leg lamp, the bunny onesie, and the tongue stuck to a pole. Such a great movie that everyone should see at least once!

8. A Charlie Brown Christmas


Another movie everyone should see. This is a great movie, especially for kids! It’s only like, 30 minutes, which is great to keep small children’s attention. This is something that plays every year in my household and I love it. Such a cute movie.

9. 12 Dates of Christmas 


Ok, this is one of those chick flick Christmas movies but I still love it so much! It was a great movie in my opinion. Something different and interesting! It was a really cute movie. I think it would be so fun to get the girls together to watch this while baking Christmas cookies!

10. A Bad Mom’s Christmas 


I’m a mom, ok? Haha. I can appreciate this movie so much. It was so funny and true. True as in showing the stress of the holidays and wanting everything to be perfect! This movie has a great cast, great story and great ending. I had to add it to my favorites and probably in the line up to watch while making cookies!

These are my top 10 favorite Christmas movies! Movies I find interesting, funny, and warming! I hope this helps next time you’re trying to figure out what Christmas movie to watch! Maybe I listed something you haven’t heard of that you can give a try! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!





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