Fall Must Haves!

Fall is here and I am LOVING it. There is just something about fall that brings me so much joy and there are so many things I love using during fall! Today I’m excited to share with you my fall must haves!

Fall scented candles


Fall scented candles are my favorite candles. The smells are so crisp and full of spices. I love lighting a candle that lets out a nice fall scent when I’m at home. It just makes everything so cozy and satisfying. I usually get mine from Bath & Body Works!

Lip balm


Lip balm is a definite must have for me. My lips get so dry and I hate chapped lips so much. I always have my lip balm in my purse ready to go. My favorite is the Burt’s Bees in mango.

Fall scented lotion/ cocoa butter

Lotion or cocoa butter is another must have for me. My skin tends to get SO dry during the fall and winter. I always have my lotion with me along with my lip balm. Also, why only enjoy the fall scented things at home. Why not get a fall scented lotion as well?

Travel mug


I love having a great travel mug for fall. It can get so chilly out so I love bringing some coffee, hot tea, or sometimes hot cocoa with me when I’m on the go. Something that will keep me warm. I love carrying my Yeti around. I found that my yeti keeps my drinks colder/warmer the longest.

A good book


Fall is the perfect time to find a good book. It’s starting to get cold outside and you might not always want to be out and about. That means it’s the perfect time to curl up with a good book and some warm apple cider. I have a few books I have been wanting to read and I have been thinking about looking into audio books. I think audio books will be a lot easier for me while taking care of my little babes!

Fuzzy socks

I love wearing fuzzy socks once fall rolls around. They are so cozy and you can get such cute designs! They keep my feet so warm and they are also great padding when you wear boots!

Fall music playlist

There are just some songs that really shout fall to me for some reason. I have been loving “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood (little throw back to a few years ago) and “Wish I Knew You” by The Revivalists. I love playing these songs. They just give me fall vibes.

Dark beer or red wine


I have been loving the beers that are coming out this fall. I have been falling in love with dark beers. They just warn you up and scream fall haha. Also, a nice red wine is always nice for the colder months. I feel like dark beers and red wines seem to bring me a feeling of warmth and comfort which I find perfect for fall.



This is almost obvious haha. Sweaters are a definite must have!! I wear sweaters almost all fall. They are so comfortable. I love the plain sweaters from Fruit of the Loom. You can really dress them up or down depending on your plans. They are also SO soft and I believe they are under $10 which is even better!



Okay, snacks are good all the time, but there are some that I just prefer in the fall. I love things like Chex mix and Pretzels in the fall. I also love Timbits from Tim Horton’s and apple cider! These are just some snacks, in my opinion, that are great for fall.

Hand sanitizer


Lastly, hand sanitizer! These months so many people are getting colds and the flu, etc. Germs are flying everywhere so I love keep hand sanitizer around. With two little babes I definitely don’t want those germs around getting my kiddies sick. I love the ones that hook on your purse from Bath & Body Works. They smell amazing and get my hands clean.

So, these are a few of my favorite things that I don’t like to go through fall without! Fall is such a fun, cozy month and I love genuinely enjoying it. Thanks for the read and hopefully you can give some of my must haves a try if you haven’t already!



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