Newborn Must Haves!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I thought I needed everything ever invented to make sure she would be taken care of and happy. I was completely, 100% wrong. We ended up not using so many things and some things we only used a couple times. Now, when I got pregnant with my son I remembered how irritated I was with myself for getting so many things so I made a list of what we really needed and what I really wanted for him. Today I thought I would share that list since I know so many people and have seen so many people pregnant with their first little babe!

Now like you probably already know, every baby is different, so my list might not be perfect for you. BUT, I am happy to share what products we liked best and what came in handy for us! Maybe it will even give you ideas for your own list, so let’s jump right in!

Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper


This has been a life saver for both my babies. It’s so easy to move around, making it available in any room of your house. We used it for them to sleep in during the night and also in whatever room during the day. Both my babies have seemed so comfortable sleeping in their rock ‘n play.

Boppy Pillow


Again, we used this for both babies and LOVED it. It made feedings super easy and helps work their muscles to start holding their head and sit up. I also lay my son in this whenever he is feeling curious and wants to look around. He loves his boppy and I love how happy he is with it. Also, there are SO many patterns to fit any style and liking you have!

Diaper Genie


This was something I didn’t really think I needed, but that I would like to have. Boy was I wrong. This will forever stay on my newborn must haves list as a need. You don’t know how horrid diapers smell until they sit in your trash can for a while. A diaper genie is super easy, doesn’t take up much space and covers up the smell from the diapers. I love ours!

Dreft Laundry Detergent


Another thing I didn’t think I needed, but glad I had. Babies skin can be SO sensitive, so it’s recommend to wash their clothing before having them wear it. I loved using dreft because it’s made for baby clothes and safe for their skin, plus it smells amazing. I love folding freshly washed baby clothes after using Dreft.

Boon Drying Rack


This might sound silly but I’m so happy we have it. With my daughter I was constantly misplacing pieces of her bottles, which when you’re in a hurry is obviously not ideal. With my son I bought the drying rack! I’m so happy I did because now all my bottle pieces are in one spot. I only use my drying rack for his bottles, so I always know right where they are!

Baby Carrier


This is one of my all time favorite purchases. Babies usually love being cuddled and they love rocking, bouncing movements. I used my baby carrier around the house while cleaning, during hikes and even grocery shopping. It kept my kids close and happy, plus it’s easier to use than carrying around the whole car seat! I personally like the ones that clip and have adjustable straps as opposed to the cloth ones. I felt more secure with the carrier when I used the ones that clip!

Pinxav Diaper Rash Ointment


We got this at the baby shower for my daughter and it’s my all time favorite diaper rash cream. My daughter never really got diaper rash and my son hasn’t really had it much either, but whenever I notice some redness or irritation, I put some of this on! By the next day, their butt is completely clear.

The Wonder Weeks App


I love this app. I think it’s like $2.99. This app gives you a calendar of when your child will be going through leaps in their development. When babies are born it’s obviously a whole new world to them. They have to learn everything, including sensations, patterns,  relationships, etc. This app will tell you when a leap is coming and finished. It was helpful for me to know more what my baby was going through! I have used it with both my children now and I highly recommend it!

Bumbo Chair


Although they can’t use this right away, they can after a few months. We LOVE our Bumbo. It’s a great way to help babies strengthen their neck and back muscles to help with holding their head up and sitting up! It’s extremely stable and secure. I felt comfortable having my baby sitting in this chair and loved how it helps them get stronger!

Now we obviously got the essentials, like bottles, diapers, wipes, car seat, and for us a stroller. We had things like the medical bag with everything in it, thermometer, blankets. We had a swing for both babies, but it wasn’t a must have for us. The things listed were things we loved and found useful for our babies! Every baby is different though! I hope this list is helpful to at least one person and thank you for reading!

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