Adventures in Niagara Falls!

I planned on posting this a day or two after we returned from our trip, but we came home to sick babies! Both have been to the pediatrician and are taking medicine. I can see their improvement daily and can’t wait for them to start feeling better again.

SO! Jacob and I were in need of a small trip! We decided on Niagara Falls. I have always wanted to go and there was so much to do. (We went with the American side because we didn’t plan far enough in advance to get our passports!) It’s beautiful and a perfect vacation for summer! I can’t wait to go back with the babies once they are a little older!

So we drove the 6ish hours there and it wasn’t a horrible drive. We definitely stopped for coffee though considering we left at 6:30 in the morning! Once we arrived we were ready for lunch! Hard Rock Cafe it was and I definitely recommend. The atmosphere was fun and the food was great!


After lunch we went straight to the falls. It was AMAZING. I could do nothing but stare because it was just so incredible and beautiful.

We couldn’t get enough of the falls. We were planning on waiting till day 2 to really see it but decided to head to the viewing deck anyway. It was a couple dollars a person to get onto the viewing deck and definitely worth it! It was an unbelievable view.


After enjoying the falls we walked to the Seneca Niagara casino. I love visiting casinos on vacation for some reason. You never know what kind of luck you’ll have in a new place! (We didn’t have much haha) We did however sign up for a playing card through them and when you sign up you get a coupon for a free buffet. We played some and then decided we could eat again. The buffet was amazing and even better being free! I guess you could say that’s were our luck went haha.


Day 2 was a little more adventurous! We got the discovery pass which was $46 a person. It was well worth it! We got to do so much with our passes. I’d highly recommend them.

The first thing we did with our pass was the Cave of the Winds! Basically, you get to walk near the bottom of the falls! They give you complementary sandles and a poncho which is definitely needed with the amount of mist coming at you.


They also had a hurricane deck you can stand on! Jacob went for it and it was hilarious but so cool. He came back DRENCHED haha. The hurricane deck is meant for you to be able to feel what being in a hurricane would be like. The falls rush into the deck and even from afar you could feel the power from the falls. It was incredible!


Next was the Maid of the Mist! I was the most excited about this! You take a boat right up to the falls. Well, I guess there is still some distance, but your close enough to get a little wet from the mist (they give complementary ponchos for this as well). I would recommend doing this over everything. The view was absolutely beautiful. When you’re on the boat looking around, you’re so in the moment and able to really appreciate the falls. It was an incredible experience!


After that we headed over to the aquarium. It was a small aquarium but still neat! They even had sea lions which I thought was awesome. It was cool to have it included in our passes!


After all the activities from our passes, we walked over the Rainforest Cafe! I have always wanted to try it so I was so excited when I saw one. I absolutely loved the atmosphere and can’t wait to take my babies one day. It’s a great place for not only adults, but for kids! They have robotic animals that move and make noise and the ceiling is covered in leaves for a rainforest effect. It was awesome and the food was fantastic!


After the Rainforest Cafe, we stopped into an arcade to play some games! It’s not vacation if you don’t get to act like a kid again at least once, right? We ended up using our tickets to get some goodies for our daughter!

After some fun at the arcade, we visited Old Fort Niagara. Jacob loves visiting things like this so we had to make a trip while we were there! It was an incredible self guided tour and it was amazing to learn all the history. I’m glad we ended up going!


We headed back to the hotel after that, but on our way back saw a food truck festival with live music. The festival was right next to our hotel, so we walked on over. We both ended up getting BBQ from Fat Bob’s Smokehouse. It was insanely good!


After eating some great food and listening to some fun music, we hung out in the hotel room for a while. Once we felt well rested enough to go out again, we went back to the falls. It’s amazing to see at night because the falls are lit up! It was a beautiful view!


The next day we didn’t really have anything planned. We just kind of planned as we went. The first thing we did was grabbed some breakfast! We found out that they had an Original Pancake House nearby! We love having breakfast here when we can. It’s amazing breakfast food. I had cream cheese crepes this time and was not disappointed.


After breakfast we went and did the self tour at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park. You got to board two ships and then a submarine. It was incredible. You got to see how they lived on the ship and you learned so much! Again, so glad we made time for this!


After the tour we went to a wine, cheese and chocolate tasting at Flight of Five Winery. We found a Groupon for the tasting which made it pretty cheap. Everything was so good!


We also went to 2 other wineries. We went to Arrowhead Spring Vineyards first and it was great wine. They had seating outside for you to enjoy your wine and look over the vineyard. It was so calming and beautiful.


We then went to Niagara Landing Wine Cellars. We went in, got two wine slushees and headed outside. We could walk right up to the vineyard where you could see the grapes growing! The slushees were dangerously good haha.


After that we enjoyed the falls one more time. We saw it so much the day before, but they are so beautiful we had to visit one more time before we headed back home. We spent a good amount of time enjoying the falls and got some pizza while we waited for them to be lit up that night.

Niagara Falls was a blast. I highly recommend the trip to anyone. I loved the history we learned, the amazing view we got, the fun adventures and the great food. I can’t wait to go back one day with our babies so they can enjoy it as well!

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