18-24 Month Old Activities!

My daughter is almost 21 months which is insane to think about! She is so active, silly and curious. I am always looking for fun new ways to teach her things and help her release some energy. We love helping her learn new things and I think she enjoys it as well. Today I want to share some activities we like to do and that we plan on doing!

1. Buttons and pipe cleaners

I bought some large, colorful buttons on Amazon and some pipe cleaners so that she can try stringing the buttons onto the pipe cleaners. This is perfect for their fine motor skills!

2. Learning colors with crayons and chalk

My daughter is obsessed with her crayons/ chalk and loves coloring! Crayons and chalk keep them busy and lets them be creative, while also giving you the perfect opportunity to introduce colors!

3. Zoo trips

We love taking the kids to the zoo and now that my daughter is a little over 20 months, she’s more interested in the animals! She loves watching the animals and it’s perfect for us to teach her what the animals are and what sounds they make!

4. Playing with bubbles

My daughter loves playing with bubbles. Bubbles are a great way to keep your toddler entertained! She loves popping them and jumping on them when they land.

5. Swimming or swim lessons

We signed up for swim lessons this summer and my daughter is loving the water! Swimming is a great way to keep them active and entertained. We love swim lessons because she learns so much even for being so young!

6. Play doh and play sand

I haven’t been brave enough yet to pull out the play doh/ play sand, but it’s in our very near future. Play doh can be so fun and also great for fine motor skills!

7. Color sorting

This is another thing I plan on doing with my daughter. You draw circles on a piece of paper in different colors. Then, for example, you could use fruit loops and have them put the fruit loop into the color circle it matches!

8. Dance parties

Dance parties are a great way to release some energy and work on things like jumping, stretching, etc. My daughter loves music and “dancing” haha.

9. Jello and cookie cutters

Another thing I plan on doing! Making jello and letting my daughter cut out different shapes! I think it will be a great way to practice shapes, stay entertained and she gets a snack while playing!

10. Practice basic life skills

We have been letting our daughter be a little more “independent”. She does things like brushing her hair, brushing her teeth, wiping when we change her diaper and trying to dress herself. We have to also do those things to make sure her teeth are actually brushed and a clean diaper is going on haha, but she gets the idea which is great!

11. Canvas finger painting

I haven’t done this yet either but I definitely plan on doing it soon. Get a canvas and put tape on the canvas to spell their name or initials (or whatever you want)! Then let them finger paint the canvas. When they are done you can peel the tape and you’ll have the initial in white with their painting around it! Perfect way to keep a toddler busy and let them explore their creative side.

12. Sensory bins

I am planning on making some sensory bins for my daughter! For example, one bin could have fish tank rocks with a shovel and spoon for scooping and digging. Another bin could have oatmeal and plastic toy animals. Another could just be a bin of water beads for them to play in! Sensory bins are a great way to make children aware of their senses in a fun way.

13. Making cookies or sundaes

Sometimes we just like to do something fun like helping mommy make cookies or letting her decorate her own sundae. She gets to do things like scooping, pouring and stirring. After she gets to enjoy a fun treat that she helped make!

These are a few things we love doing with our daughter or that we plan on doing with her! I love what these activities can teach our babies and how much fun they can have doing them. I’m so excited to continue doing some of the activities listed and to try out the others! 18-24 months can be a stressful time as our children enter their terrible twos, but I find my days to be a lot easier when I have something fun planned for my toddler! I love watching her learn and enjoy the activities I plan for her!

One thought on “18-24 Month Old Activities!

  1. I agree to all of these. My daughter still loves bubbles.. it’s always been one of her favorite things once she figured out how to pop them. Keep doing what you’re doing!


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